Many ask "What is a Mission Specialist?". I only accept 3 Mission Specialists.

The Big D

1. First: The main one is the boss of the whole wiki every page, messages, Chats and almost anything. If you have anything questions about the wiki or if you want to change something (big) take to her.

Leader Mission Specialist

2. Second is the Leader Mission Specialist is in charge of protecting pages. The main Mission Specialist is almost like the Co-founder, Second-In-Command, Vice.

Security Camera

3.Third: Is in charge of rules whoever disobey's the rules it's their responsibilty to report me or the main leader. Then the leader will tell the The Boss.

Live Chat

Whenever if someone disobeys the chat rules, this person will kick them out or ban them.


  • You have to be here aleast every week to be a mission specialist. (If you know you won't be online for more than a week, please contact the Big D) **Mission specialists only
  • If a mission specialist disobeys the Davenport Rules they have only two warnings then I would resign the placement.
  • Only the mission specialist chooses the mission leaders.