S~1 is a bionic solider no one knows her real name but, Victor Krane calls her S~1 it probably stands for solider 1 . She is human with bionics. Also she have the triton app activated in her bionic chip.

Personality                                                                        Edit


With the triton app activated she only listen to Krane . She can be a little pushy like how she said are "we going to do this or not. Other then that no one knows who she really is. She treats Victor Krane as her commander.   


None except maybe in future episodes, because Krane told Douglas Davenport " I work alone now, I don"t need you anymore" .  You can tell some human in her because she was ready to end Douglas and Leo and intrupited Krane when he was still talking. Also when she like Chase .


  • Krane can contol her from his brain
  • She likes Chase.
  • She has no heat signature app thats why Chase could not thermal scan her.