Season 2 Episode 9

Plot== Edit

Chase turns into Spike at a Talent Show


Leo plans to use magic to use in the talent show. Chase plans to try out too. Now it is showtime[auditions]. Leo make it in with his magic act. At Chase audition he ask the audience to ask him a math question. Everyone boo him and throw paperballs. So he say he will do magic and uses his moleculair kinesis and throw the balls at the audience. Principal Perry tells Leo Dooley he is out. Leo goes into the lab and tells Eddy. Eddy says to use the bionic munipalater. Its shownight when its chase turn he say he would move a chair with his mind. Then Leo press bionic munipalater to payback. Then spike was activated. He destroyed everything. Leo kept on pressing the button and it got even worst. Bree and Owen hang out and plans to make a sculpture for the talent show. They think what they will make it out of nowhere Adam Davenport said butter. Owen and Adam go without Bree. Owen shows it to bree . When they left Bree Davenport tellame back it Eddy to turn up the heat and it melt the butter. While Adam and Owen they was sad and leaving because he was mad at Bree. Still mad Spike. Spike than tore up the school. Bree decide to make it up and Adam and Bree make a Principal Perry popcorn sculpture. Principal Perry sees it and love it. Then Spike destroys it. Principal Perry declare war. Spike and Principal Perry wrestle until Chase became himself and Perry won.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time Spike appeared

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