Special Agent Graham discover Adam Davenport,Bree Davenport and Chase. He wanted to separate them but when bree saved his life he realize there not a threat. The lab rats work for him.

In You Posted What?!? Edit


All of sudden Agent Graham appears and trys to take Adam ,Bree and Chase and say their a threat and i,m spliting them up. He even tried to hut them .When they escape He said to get the tangerizer guns. When they found them douglas explain that the lab rats is good blah blah blah they was about to take Krane. Krane got up and use one of his bionics. Bree speed and save agent graham and adam took him out with his heat vision

Personality Edit

He picks on Donald because he old. He never really done nothing with his job until he discovered the lab rats. He is funny/serious man. He was a person who had a huge ego to.

Trivia Edit

  • He work for the usa