Marcus a bionic spy.Douglas us to spy on The lab rats .He is a android

Personality Edit


He would do anything for Douglas Davenport . He is program with a triton app which control bionic mind and brain.In bionic Showdown he was all evil.

History Edit

Concert In A Can: He pretend to be Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport and Chase . Adam,Marcus and Chase formed their own band. Marcus did not befriend Leo Dooley . Infact he said leo broke his guitar. When leo was about to prove he broke his guitar. He admit he did it . Marcus lied and said he poor and he always move and noone ever likes him and his grandma just died. Thenhe faked cried. When the Davenport family leave the room . He stop crying and had his eyebrow face. He told leo to get out of his way.

Mission: Space Marcus lies and said his dad is out of town . So he spends the night at the davenport house. The labrats then get a mission alert and and is not able to company Marcus. So leo company him but Donald Davenport pulls him away and tells him i got to go when Leo and Donald look back he is gone. Then they find him in the lab in Bree Davenport capsule . He claims he wants to watch him work. Donald carry him home. When he gets home he tells Douglas Davenport that the camera is activated. He said we got them right where we won't them.

Speed Trapped: Marcus invites The lab rats to a new frozen yougurt place. Leo is not invited . Davenport tells the lab rats to not go . Its Davenport anivisery so he do not notice. They ride Mr. Davenport self driving car. When they get their leo appeic ocean ars and tells them to go home the argue . While they do this Marcus program the carto go to the bottom of the pacifsaid the line is long why not cruise this thing over at my house.

Family Edit

Adam Davenport

Is marcus human brother.Marcus pick him up and threw him to the down.

Bree Davenport

She is a girl who will stand up for her brother. When Chase was thrown on a rail she super speed and try to fight Marcus.

Chase Davenport

Even know Marcus tried to kill they have a good relationship they agreed Donald and Douglas have a huge ego.

Douglas Davenport

Marcus listen to everyhing Douglas says.He is Marcus commander.

Trivia Edit

  • He was 15 years old when he died
  • Adam, Bree and Chase called him M-dog