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Personality Edit

Leo used to be a boy with dreams of being just like Adam, Bree, and Chase. He is weird, smart, and THE WEAKLING. He is very small and can break a lot of stuff. Now, he is bionic with Electrokenisis and he can generate lasers spheres, he has super strength only in his right arm. He is 15 or 16.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength in only right hand
  • Electrokenisis
  • Lasers sphere

Trivia Edit

  • He loves cold cuts
  • Janelle and him are best friends or [crush]
Leo Dooley

Leo Fansis Dooley family : Adam Davenport[brother/cousin] Bree Davenport [sister/cousin] Chase [brother] Tasha Davenport[mother] Donald Davenport[step~father] Rose [grandma] Actor: Tyrel Jackson[TJ]