Douglas shares alot of things with Donald; Both geniuses with large egos and arrogant. Douglas was evil for a while, but after Krane went with his plan, he turned good and tried to warn Donald and the Lab Rats.

Douglas Davenport

Douglas Davenport


Douglas Davenport is the creator of Adam, Bree, Chase, and Marcus. Years back when he worked with his brother in Davenport industries he went behind Donald's back ,and implanted Bionics into engineered humans as Bionic soldiers. At end of Sink or Swim Krane was going with his plan, going against him. He is now good and loves his brother and his family.

Trivia Edit

  • Has huge ego like Donald Davenport
  • He was a bad guy (now good)
  • His life was saved by his youngest, Chase
  • Principal Perry has a crush on him
  • He said he was not going to hurt Adam, Bree, and Chase.
  • He created bionics
  • He was partner's with Victor Krane
  • He likes pickles
  • Krane would at least tell him why he shocked him Face off
  • Listens to jazz music
  • Likes his hair
  • Tends to wear dull/dark colors Ex: Brown, dark green, camo.........