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Welcome Mission Leaders and Mission Specialists !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Disney Xd Official Lab Rats Wiki

This wiki was created by Tessa Patricia and was further built with the help of Trouble1155 and 13Glory. Our mission is to continue what Tessa has started: This here is a encyclopedia and fanmade wiki. Please help be a mission specialist at Lab rats wiki to help grow the wiki. Any questions you have can be answered right here, or contact the active specialists. Links to them below!

A Special Place

I think this is a very special place because it consists of 3 things 1. It's a fanom 2. It's a haves lab rats and elite force 3. We are all friends

out Davenport Rules, What is a Mission Specialist, and What Is A Mission Leader. Have fun!!!!!!

Disclaimer: Please know all pictures/videos have been used for educational purposes and this wiki was made so others can learn from the community. Thanks for reading.

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