* Shipping of Douglas Davenport and Leo Dooley   

   Father & son relationship                      
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History of DeoEdit

  • Which Father Knows Best? - After Bree destroyed her chip and Donald tried to fix it but had trouble. Making Leo go behind his back and ask Douglas.
  • You Posted What?!? - Meanwhile Adam, Bree, and, Chase are swarmed by the government. Leo and Douglas make it out by a trapped door in the Lab, and threw the whole episode their bond grows.
  • Armed and Dangerous- With Leo's new arm he wants to impress Janele but Douglas has a remote that he can deactivate his bionics whenever he wants. Leo does not listen and takes the remote.
  • Face off- Meanwhile Bree is stuck in a cyper mask and coalth before the Winter Dance. Leo and Douglas face off against each other.


Which Father Knows Best?Edit

  • Douglas buttdialed Leo
  • Leo calls him Dad

You Posted What?!?Edit

  • Leo cried no after Victor Krane shocked Douglas and Perry.
  • But mostly after Douglas because does Leo really care for Perry that much.
  • When Douglas gave Leo bionic's

Armed and DangerousEdit

  • When Douglas could not open the pickle jar, asking Leo to open it for him (twice)
  • When Douglas finds out he went behind his back to impress a Janelle

Face OffEdit

  • They fight over who will be Donald's second-in-command/vice
  • They keep on shocking each other on accident with Donald's device (part of a challenge)