As a mission leader or editor you have to know your rules. Please read the following headings.

If You Get Stuck

Ask ?

Tessa411~ Founder/Mission Leader

Trouble1155~ Mission Specialist / Co ~ Founder

If you don't know how to do something please ask these Admins don't try to figure it out alone.


1.Don't Leo it up If you know it's fake or it has not been confirmed,

do not add it

2.Don't Make Spike return

No bad comments or mean comments

3.Don't Download A Teddy

No bad pictures.

Don't delete pages without permission.

4. Don't make a duplicate of Adam

Don't make two pages of the same thing.

5. Report a Broken Rule

If something doesn't seem right, report to:



6. Stay On the right Track

Don't talk about Mighty Med on a Lab Rats Wiki. But since it's the same thing I should probably used a different ability but whatevs! You get the point

7. Remember this is a kids show

No cursing, swearing or anything like that.

8. Make Sure

If you are not sure of something on our Lab Rats Wiki, ask a Mission Specialist

9. Do not post pictures you know you cannot post

No selfies on here or pictures exposing your identity

10 Do not remove the rat

Don't erase templates

11. Do not use Caps

Some people may think you're shouting.

12 Don't Use the Spy Fly

Don't stalk people

13. No Vandalism