This is the First/second episode of Season 1 and the first episode of the whole serie. Aired on February 27,2012.


A boy named Leo Dooley moves in with his Mom,Tasha Davenport, into his step-dad's, (Donald Davenport), Billion dollar house and Soon discovers three bionic super humans living in his basement. But when Leo returns from school with them, they get in big trouble with Mr.Davenport.


2 Parts to this story, (crush, Chop, and burn-part 1 & 2)

The 2 will be combined in here

Leo's mom, Tasha, had recently married Donald Davenport (now considered Leo's new step-dad). Leo decides to look around the house, and accidentally discovers the basement in the house. Leo freaks out when he finds that there are 3 other people in the house, he tries to hide from them, but gets seen. Donald Davenport soon reveals the secret behind the 3 bionic teenagers.

Leo has to go to school, but the trio decides to come, that meant he had to sneak them into school. Later that day during school, the trio acted quite obscure, (since they never went to school) thinking about having a normal life. There were glitches, which caused a total chaos... and after Donald found out, he said they couldn't leave the house, he decided to give him one warning...

Leo hosted a party in their house, why not take the party to you?

Leo's mom and step-dad walk into the house unexpectedly, Donald gets furious and decides to end this once and for all.

The punishment: Move them to a secret area and never return to the lab.

This saddened Leo after getting comfortable with them, he was seriously going to miss them, Donald replaced them with robots, so Leo wouldn't feel so lonely.

Alas, the day had come and the bionic trio must take their leave, Leo said his good-byes to them and hoped for the best to them. He walked down to the basement and turned towards "Bionic friends," looking at them made him feel strange, he played around for a bit, then all of a sudden, no wait, did they speak to him?
Lab Rats - Crush, Chop and Burn (Part 2)

Lab Rats - Crush, Chop and Burn (Part 2)

It appears that the trio had unexpectedly switched the robots in the place of them, look at that, his friends never left! Leo had to keep his friends' secret, and make sure nobody knew about the switch-a-roo, he couldn't take them to school, and respond to them he'd be back.

When Leo gets back from school, he found out that his friends had gone missing, and his parents explained what they had done to them.

Meanwhile with the Trio, the find themselves in a recycling center. [continue writing story!]

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