Personality Edit


She is a bionic teenager with Super speed . All she wishes is to fit in. She claims that she hates her brothers. She has voice manipulation.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Speed
  • Voice Manipulation
  • Invisibility app

Family Edit

Adam Davenport

Is Bree's Brother, he is not the smartest in the group Adam and Bree gets best along when they pick on Chase.

Chase Davenport

Bree and Chase are both smart.They get along when they pick on Adam. Chase sometimes picks on Bree.They have a good relationship.

Donald Davenport

Donald is really bree's uncle but Bree thinks of him as a father because donald took care of her for years.

Douglas Davenport

Is Bree's father. He was evil and wants to make Adam, Bree and Chase to his bionic soilders.

Tasha Davenport

Is bree's mom but really her aunt . Whenever bree needs someone to talk to she goes to Tasha.

Trivia Edit

  • She destroyed her chip but her dad and uncle rebuild it.
  • She is a Saggitarious