If you don't know what is lab rats this will help you.



  • AdamS3
  • Super Strengh: His arms can lift heavy thing
  • Breath underarm:he can breath under water like a fish.'     '
  • Heat vision: fire or laser comes out of his out      

Bree Davenport Edit

  • Speed Everything: She can speed run,talk,jump almost everthing.
  • Voice Munipalation: She can talk like a person exacaly like they sound.

   Chase Davenport Edit

  • Force feild: His force feild protect him from lasers
  • Intellegence: He is the smartest person in the world.
  • Vision Screen : He can pull up a screen from his eyes
  • Recordings: he can record something and listen to it from his brain
  • Super Sences: He can smell far away and his hearing is very strong.
  • Molekalar kenisis : Moving things with your mind
    Chase davenport
  • Force Field Ball
  • Overide App

Villains Abilities Edit

Marcus Davenport Edit

S~1 Edit

  • Freezeball: You can get froze it a cage like thing but it electrical
  • Super Speed : just like bree she runs fast and fight fast.
  • Super Strength: She is very strong
  • Morlekalar Kenisis: She can move things with her mind.